One Woman

"One Woman" documents parts of a journey along the many phases of healing after breast cancer and a full mastectomy.


Where Is My Babushka

In the name of progress, Europe is neutralizing a culture. 
The Romanian Babushkas – the peasant women of Maramures 
in the Carpathian Mountains, are witnessing their old life at risk 
of extinction.

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Y o n t i f

A documentary and intimate look at twoHassidic communities in Brooklyn, New York. The Satmars and the Habad, during the hassle and bustle of the week before the New Year celebrations.

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Sangre, Sudor y Lagrimas

"SANGRE, SUDOR Y LAGRIMAS" Documentary and 
photojournalistic look at a slaughterhouse in Argentina, the 
treatment of cattle, their feelings and their pain.

Fine Art


It's a Girl

The visual story of a childless woman. "IT'S A GIRL" is a 
conceptual project, a story of childhood, motherhood and the 
absence of children. Vintage doll heads were photographed to 
convey the loss and yet the tenderness and playfulness 
of the human spirit.